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If you were a supporter of my prior retail news content (from 2019-2020) via Upwork, you’ll enjoy this publication. If you kept on reading my retail news content from 2020 to 2021 on Medium’s “Window Shopping” publication, you’ll enjoy it even more.

As of November 2022, this publication has been relaunched and will have a monthly exclusive post all year round, along with the free archive from my past Upwork project. Talk soon!


Shamontiel (pronounced Shə mawn T L) Latrice Vaughn is a full-time, freelance editor and writer via Upwork. The Chicago native has 17 years of combined publishing experience in journalism; print and online editing; website building and editing; social media marketing; and four years in mid-level management.

As a full-time freelance journalist and editor, her primary clients on Upwork include a startup law firm, real estate magazine, Wall Street news column execs​​ and various business columns (in health, real estate, construction). Shamontiel’s retail experience varies from being a former mystery shopper, cashier, photo development specialist and a retail news journalist.

Her latest op-ed bylines can also be found in her three publications on Medium and two on Substack, along with journalism copy on Go4Rent Magazine.


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Shamontiel L. Vaughn
Shamontiel is a freelancer with 18 years of journalism and editing experience, along with being a three-time dog owner (Lab/German Shepherd mix, purebred German Shepherd, Hound mix).